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Unveiling the Mystery: Video Marketing Solutions in Texas

In a rapidly changing and dynamic world, devising fresh and distinctive ideas to set your business apart poses a significant challenge.

Video Marketing Services in Texas

In a swiftly evolving world, creating innovative and exceptional concepts to distinguish your business can feel like a daunting task. The use of videos in marketing dates back to the early  days of television                                                                 commercials in the 1960s and has since evolved into a valuable resource for digital marketers globally.                                                                                                                                                     If you’re interested understanding how video marketing can enhance your business or how Rankraze can offer assistance, continue reading.

Leading the Way with Web Videos for Website Creation

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of marketers say video gives them the best ROI.

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of consumers will make a purchase after watching a branded video

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of people watch more video now than they did a year ago.

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of consumers want to see more videos from their favourite brands.

The Importance of Video Marketing

Here, we have assembled a curated list of significant advantages that video marketing provides, elucidating the rationale behind why integrating it is a prudent choice for your business.

Videos increase your SEO ranking

Videos increase your SEO ranking

Effectively structured video content holds immense SEO value. Google places greater significance on the value provided to its users. By uploading valuable content on YouTube, you enhance the likelihood of securing a higher rank compared to your competitors.

Video appeals to mobile users

Video appeals to mobile users

Videos deliver exceptional value to your customers. A remarkable 70% of individuals make purchasing decisions based on product videos. Videos effectively elucidate every aspect of your product, fostering a meaningful engagement with your audience.

Video builds trust and credibility

Video builds trust and credibility

Videos serve as a prime avenue to establish a distinct persona for your company and brand. They facilitate a genuine connection with your customers, fostering trust. The more videos you create to educate them about your product, the stronger their trust in your brand becomes.

Video content has high engagement with the audience

Video content has high engagement with the audience

Videos wield considerable influence in guiding audiences towards becoming customers. The inclusion of a product video on your landing page can elevate your conversion rates by a staggering 80%.

Video marketing has a high ROI

Video marketing has a high ROI

Producing videos, from recording to editing, demands substantial effort and at times, a greater investment compared to other marketing approaches. Nevertheless, video marketing consistently yields a substantial Return On Investment.

Video boosts conversion rates and sales

Video boosts conversion rates and sales

Subject lines featuring the term "video" garner a significantly higher click-through rate in comparison to text-only email marketing content.

The video encourages social shares

The video encourages social shares

An astounding 92% of mobile users who view videos on any platform feel compelled to share them with their networks. Such social sharing plays a pivotal role in fortifying your brand and positioning you as an authoritative figure in your field.

Video is a great addition to your email marketing campaigns

Video is a great addition to your email marketing campaigns

Email headlines with the word video have a high number of click-throughs compared with text-only email marketing copy.

Understanding YouTube’s Role as the Leading Video Marketing Platform

With over 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube commands a significant share of online engagement, surpassing two-thirds of the total internet population. After Facebook, YouTube stands out as the second most frequented social media platform. YouTube is primarily a visual platform, capitalizing on the dominance of visual processing in the human brain. This unique advantage allows businesses to effectively convey product information and attract customers. YouTube’s reputation as a trusted video marketing platform is bolstered by its video optimization and SEO capabilities, which empower marketers to tailor content to their target audience. Our strong recommendation: Utilize YouTube for your Video Marketing endeavors.

A Spectrum of Remarkable Video Marketing Statistics

If you’re still uncertain about the value of video marketing, here are some noteworthy insights about YouTube:

  • YouTube boasts an impressive 2 billion monthly active users.
  • Approximately 15% of YouTube’s site traffic originates from the United States.
  • An astounding 75 million individuals in the United States watch online videos daily.
  • An impressive 81% of young adults aged 18 to 25 in the United States engage with YouTube.
  • Viewers retain a remarkable 95% of the message conveyed in a video, compared to a mere 10% retention for non-video content.
  • A significant 76% of marketers utilize videos to enhance brand awareness.
  • A notable 82% of users consume video content on Twitter.
  • Every minute, people contribute 500 hours of video content online!
  • Each day, over 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube.

Mobile devices account for more than 70% of YouTube views.

Our Specialized Video Marketing Services

Ranked among the top video marketing agencies in Texas, Rankraze leads in meeting your video marketing requirements. Our comprehensive services cover video production, editing, and creation of animated videos. Additionally, we offer Customer Relationship Management services. We are here to coordinate a dynamic and effective video marketing campaign.

Videos increase your SEO ranking

We offer complete marketing services on YouTube. We focus on promoting your video organically across all social media platforms, optimizing your video for search engines, running ad campaigns to drive visitors, etc.

Video production

Complete guidance and assistance in coming up with a creative idea for your product, video production, audio-video recording, and editing. We produce the perfect video for your business, brand, services, and products.

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Video Promotion across all platforms

Promote your YouTube video can be as tricky as creating the video. Creating a great video and going unnoticed is the same as not creating one. We will take care of the complete marketing services to make the video reach a huge potential audience.

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Customized YouTube channel art

YouTube channel art is the banner image in your YouTube account. It should reflect your business’ personality, the design should be simple, and also convey what your page is about. We will create customized channel art for your account that reflects your business.

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YouTube Video optimization

Just like how optimizing your website content will make you rank higher in search engines organically, YouTube works on Video Optimization. Our marketing team of experts will make sure your content is perfectly optimized to reach google’s ranking factors. This will increase your video traffic, and in turn, will increase your website traffic organically too.

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Video Integration with Google Analytics

We have years of experience in digital marketing. If we’ve learned one thing from all these years of experience, that is to track our growth, engagement, traffic sources to see what works best for us. We will integrate your YouTube account to Google Analytics to track your video marketing traffic and conversions. This way, you can understand what video content works better for you and your business and experiment more.

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SEO for Videos

You may not have come across the term Search Engine Optimization for YouTube. But, it is one of the important factors of video marketing on YouTube. Optimizing the video and Search Engine Optimization for Videos are different. Worry not. We will take care of complete SEO for your video to help your video rank in Google and other search engines and drive website traffic too.

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YouTube Community Management

When you’ve built a good number of YouTube audiences, managing the community is very important. Showing the people that you care and addressing any negative comments positively can be crucial but it is essential for customer retention.

This is why our community management team will take care of maintaining a healthy relationship between your business and its customers.

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YouTube Reputation Management

Representing a brand or business on a social media platform should be professional and friendly. You are accountable for all your actions because you holed a reputation. We have a reputation management team that will focus on maintaining that as we’ve done for all our 100+ clients.

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YouTube Campaign

Being a top marketing agency, we know the in and out of digital marketing. We will run paid YouTube ad campaigns that will skyrocket your YouTube growth and website traffic.

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Types of Video Marketing Content for business

Here, we’ve categorized the various types of video marketing content that businesses can use to establish trust and authority. Video marketing content for businesses is typically divided into three main categories.


Lists Videos

Company Culture

Behind the scenes




Video emails

Videos with funny context


How-to videos
Product reviews
Q & A
Announcement video
Case study
Product tour
Feature explainer
Live talks/ Presentations
Tutorials, etc.

Diverse Video Marketing Content for Businesses

In this overview, we present a variety of video marketing content types that businesses can utilize to establish credibility and influence. Video marketing content tailored for businesses typically falls within three key categories.

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