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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) | PPC Company in Texas

Paid online advertising using PPC is a way to solve that problem and help you drive the attention of your potential audience to your website.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) | PPC Company in Texas

When managing a business online or maintaining an online profile across multiple platforms, reaching a vast audience can be challenging. Establishing your online presence and generating organic traffic can be as demanding as running the business itself. This is where Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising comes in, offering a solution to drive attention to your website and connect with your potential audience.

How does Pay Per Click Ads work?

PPC operates on an Ad Auction system where advertisers aim to be seen by potential audiences by bidding on specific keywords. These keywords are terms that users are likely to search for in search engines. Whenever a user clicks on the ad, a small amount is deducted from the advertiser’s budget as the Cost Per Click (CPC).

Advantages of PPC Marketing

PPC marketing offers numerous advantages for businesses

Targeted Audience

PPC advertising allows you to target your ads to specific audiences based on keywords, interests, online history, and locations.


You have control over your budget, deciding how much you want to spend on each click and the overall ad campaign.

No Dependency on SEO

Unlike organic search results, PPC is not heavily reliant on SEO rankings or search engine algorithms.

Immediate Results

PPC generates immediate results, allowing you to track actions taken from your ad and facilitating quick lead generation.


PPC provides detailed reports, enabling you to measure the performance of keywords, advertisements, and ad placements.

Brand Recognition

By targeting industry-related keywords, PPC can increase brand visibility and establish authority in your field.

Potential Customers

PPC provides targeted advertising, giving you an opportunity to reach your potential customers efficiently.

Our Best PPC services

At Rankraze, one of the top PPC Companies in Texas, we offer complete digital marketing services across all platforms. Our expert team runs successful ad campaigns curated for your target audience and needs. We prioritize competitive research, improved ROI, affordable costs, conversion tracking, real-time reports, landing page creation and maintenance, ad campaign setup, copyrighted ad creation, best bid management within your budget, continuous testing and improvement, online support, and weekly performance reports.

Search ads

Are the most common type of ads. You can see these ads most of the time you search for anything on the internet. Sponsored websites appear on the top and the bottom of the results page. Search ads are tagged with an “Ad” text to indicate that it is a paid ad. Search ads involve text and links.

Display ads

Display ads are ads that you see anywhere within a website. These ads are displayed on Google-partnered websites. You can target your ads to people who are interested in your product and to people who have visited similar websites.Display ads generally have attractive images and texts to capture the reader’s attention.

Social ads

Social ads are very effective because about 91% of social media users access them from their mobile phones.This is a huge advantage for advertisers.Because people who are searching for “restaurants near me” on mobile are more likely to take action immediately than people who are searching the same term from a laptop or desktop.

Remarketing ads

Remarketing is a highly beneficial factor in PPC marketing. Remarketing is a PPC feature that lets us target people who have already been exposed to our product. This audience is a group of people who are interested in our product/ event/ service.

Google shopping

Google shopping ads are another type of paid ads that are very effective for product marketing. These ads are represented in a carousel format and they give an overview of similar products from different websites.

Gmail sponsored promotions

Gmail-sponsored promotions are a great way to promote your business in a person’s inbox. These ads can be targeted at a potential crowd, and also be personalized.
Gmail promotional emails appear on the top of the inbox on mobiles and desktops.

Why Rankraze is the best PPC company

At Rankraze, we bring a high return on investment to our clients. Our extensive experience and successful track record have helped clients worldwide achieve real, tangible results. We prioritize creativity and strategy to help you achieve your sales targets and drive substantial revenue. Choose Rankraze for your digital marketing needs and witness instant results and increased leads and conversions. Contact us today to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Started?

Before committing to anything, we request you to fill out an extensive "Client Questionnaire" to understand your needs, clients, and industry better. There's no commitment required from you at this stage. If you trust us with your business's digital growth, we can get started. Contact us to begin.

Is there a minimum starting price/budget?

We don't have pre-priced budgets or monthly minimums. Each client's campaign is evaluated individually based on their goals, needs, audience, and budget. We aim to provide the best service no matter the budget.


When I need SEO services, can I stop and start them?

The search engine optimization process should not be started and stopped at will.

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